Monday, June 18, 2012


It's been awhile since I posted anything, and these are the spring travel highlights. This is Spencer and me at the carnival at the Norman Music Festival. It was pretty fun, and he had not been to a carnival, so we played a lot of the games and he went on a couple kid rides.  

This was the giant alligator ride.

This is uncle Ron with Spencer. Ron was shelling out the cash for games of chance, of which we won once.

This is Downtown Sound, our practice space in Norman. It's a cooperative of musicians and bands , and we run events like art shows and literary/educations readings as well as it serving as a practice space. Strength in numbers!

I was in Philly for work before the Norman Music Festival. We had dinner with Mike and Ellie and baby  Irina, with Chris and Elizabeth. 

Paulie sans suit.

We decided to do some Easter egg hunting this year, so we had to color the eggs first. 

The kids next door came over for a jam session in Spencer's man cave. This is Ophelia and Raciel rocking out.

Gustavo on the kit, Spencer dancing.

We hit the Lincoln bike race when my brother was here, it was near the Capitol.
This was near the Omaha airport, when we were picking up his grandma during her visit.

Spencer in the Chesapeake.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wunderkind - Dogs and Guns

In November 2011, my band mates released our first vinyl single, "Wunderkind" and "Dogs and Guns." We did these sessions with Trent Bell at his studio, Bell Labs, in Norman in April 2011. You can buy this traditional A and B-side 45 rpm single at Modern Peasant Records for $4.00, as vinyl sounds best. You can download it for free at Bandcamp, but that doesn't help us with our drum, amp, and guitar repairs, so support us indy garage rock bands. Jeremy, our bass players and singer, wrote "Wunderkind," while Robert, our guitar player, wrote "Dogs and Guns," a social protest song with overtones of first album-Clash. I like the cover, a dog eating away the guns in the world!

Zombie vs. Shark - Wunderkind - Dogs and Guns

"Zombie vs. Shark play proto-punkish rock n' roll-the kind of stuff that came out of the early/mid-70s with heavy inspiration from late-60s Detroit - "Wunderkind" nods to Sonic Rendezvous Band. It's rock n' roll, nothing more, nothing less. "Dogs and Guns" takes a straighforward High Time-era MC5 approach, rocking the stereo with call and response verse and a catchy, sing-a-long chorus. When it comes down to it, this is just unpretentious - the kind of thing you want to hear in your favorite bar while drinking with friends after a tiring week. So grab a beer."
- Chuck Foster, The Big Takeover #70 (May 25, 2012)

Cold Machine

My band mates recently released "Cold Machine" and "Practicing" in late April 2012, before the Norman Music Festival. This traditional A and B-side 45 rpm single is available for $6.00 from Modern Peasant Records, where vinyl always sounds better. You can download it for free or a cash contribution at Bandcamp. But help us out a bit, we need to buy strings and drum heads and stuff like that.

Zombie vs. Shark - "Cold Machine" and "Practicing"

"Norman’s Zombie vs. Shark embody a lot of the purest tenets of rock ’n’ roll, the foremost being the long- standing premise that loud, rude guitar music is one of the best, most fun ways of waggling a middle finger in the face of The Man." "In everything they do — aesthetic, lyrics, garish performances — the guys behind Zombie vs. Shark challenge conventional lifestyles without wadering off into sonically dissuasive territory. May they forever rock."
- Matt Carney, Oklahoma Gazette (Nov 22, 2011

Wartime Sugar - Resistance is Feudal

My band mates decided we would re-release "Wartime Sugar," our debut album, on colored vinyl since we sold out of our CD version of the album. Although you can download it for free on, you should go to and buy the vinyl version for $10.00, since vinyl always sounds best.

As we say at Modern Peasant Records, "Resistance is Feudal."

"Could be the best band to come of Oklahoma since the early Flaming Lips or Defenestration."
Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine

Zombie vs. Shark on Bandcamp

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I've Got a Psychiatrist For You

Zombie vs. Shark at the Norman Music Festival 5, April 2012. We played at Bill and Dee's with a bunch of garage rock and lo-fi bands, and it was really fun and well-attended. I was psyched for the NMF-5 since I had been in Philly and saw Broncho play at Kung Fu Necktie in Fishtown, my old neighborhood. I haven't blogged in awhile and I'll cover that in my next blog. These photos were taken by Chuck Ivey of Debris'.

Zombie vs. Shark at the Halloween Show at Saints in OKC. This was a fun show and the venue was just tiny, so it was hard to get a Marshall stack on the stage. We watched the Halloween Parade, which was just nutty and a lot of fun. I had a nice walk from Saints to the parade route on a gorgeous October evening. It was much needed after my mother-in-law passed away earlier in the month, and this pre-show walk through the city was really relaxing. Photos by Gene Glaser.

Zombie vs. Shark at the Hi-Lo Club in April 2010. Tabby took these photos, and  this was our  warm-up gig before  NMF-3. I love the rowdy crowd at this place, they live and breath garage and punk rock. This show was gnarly as well, since I had to leave for a work trip to Philly the next morning at 7am! Brutal at age 40!!