Saturday, May 25, 2013

Graduation Day, Birthday!

We went to Spencer's kindergarten graduation last week to watch him and his friends receive their diplomas for finishing their school year. They let the kids play at Cooper Park for over an hour, to tire them out, but they were still pretty squirmy while they waited to be called in the graduation ceremony. There's some photos of his buddies Abe, Devron, and Abe's parents. The week before last, we had Tabby's birthday at the house and some people over for smoked BBQ, what else?

Red Cities @ Fuse Recordings and Lincoln Exposed

In February, Red Cities, my new band recorded a 4-song, 7" single at Fuse Recordings with Charlie Johnson and Tim Kechley. We had just come off playing Lincoln Exposed at the Rye Room at the Bourbon Theater, and a little press write-up on our set. Photos by Josh Leeker, and Kent Wolgamott.