Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Life of a Grommet

We had a great holiday this year, hanging out at home and took a road trip to see Robert, Ron, Lisa, and Sean/Misha/Theo down in Oklahoma, stopping in Stillwater to see Tabby's friend Crystalline. It was 70 degrees with no wind one weekend, so the neighborhood grommets had gnarly skate session on the block.

Chicken Pinata, warm-up to Halloween trick or treating!

Cold Front from Spencer's room.

Slot cars!

Abe and Spencer at Spencer's b-day party.

Snow saucering at the park. Those old skate decks make for sketchy snowboarding!

Spencer is scary, fearless!

When we were down in Norman at Uncle Ron's, there was a weird snow storm, so we played street hockey.

Republican River.

Grommet session on C Street.

Spencer helping with the dining room.

Red Cities

This is my new band project, Red Cities, which I began in Lincoln  in late 2011. It  resembles the early Dream Syndicate, but also Detroit proto-punk of the late 60s and early 70s. Dry plexi guitar heads, with giant cabinets. Dig! At Knickerbocker's, Jan. 2013

Dry and unadulterated break-up! Let that wood your guitar's made of ring. 

Our practice space.

Eric Aspengren, our bassist, and Byron Anway the singer.

Eric's rig, forget about the SVT!

Josh Leeker, our drummer, at the Zoo Bar, November 2012. Josh took all these photos here!