Sunday, January 24, 2010

Summer into Fall

The wintertime is the perfect time to catch up on a blog, especially after 4 blizzards, subzero temperatures, and too much Fall traveling. With about 1 1/2 feet of snow still on the ground in Lincoln, our warm-up to 40 degrees was a 70 degree temperature differential from early January, when the low was -30 degrees. So we sunbathed and had a cookout this weekend, and thought about planting our garden......yeah right, there's more cold weather on the way.

We miss those 70 degree January days of Oklahoma. As I've driven back and forth to from Lincoln to OKC to play gigs with my band and record a new album with them, I've noticed the north end of the "Sunbelt" stops somewhere near Salina, Kansas on I-35 and El Dorado, Kansas on I-77, which is the better drive through the Flint Hills. North of those points, whether you live in Fargo, Minneapolis, or Lincoln, the weather is the same. Gray and bitter cold. Now I understand the literature of Northern and Central Plains, dark and brooding, is directly tied to the weather. I wear bright clothes sometimes, hoping they will bring the sun out!

Below are some highlights from the summer and beginning of Fall. Hopefully these will bring the an early spring just by putting them up.

Dave and Erin at their wedding in upstate New York the past summer.

Dave and Erin.

Ellie and Michael Martin.

Don Weston and Renata

Chris Ogilivie.

Paul Dellevigne.

Spencer and I.

For some reason, a long game of kickball ensued with the wedding party, which was a good idea since most of Dave's friends required a good "sweat" to exorcise the previous evening's festivities before the wedding ceremony. This is Devon Williams.

Devon, Renata, and Eva.



Devon and Chris.

Paul. One must note that Paul no longer wears suits anymore, and has a diverse wardrobe of jeans, non-leather bottom shoes, and casual bowlings shirts. This is a "California look" via Philly.

Chris with the "kickball," which was more like a medicine ball. It hurt your foot when you kicked it. And it was funny when someone got hit in the head with it, balls hitting people in the head or groin is always funny for some reason.....

Before we went to the wedding, all of us were at grandma's house in Annapolis, and this is Spencer learning to swim in his "floaty" vest.
Spencer on Chesapeake Bay. Strangely enough, he is dressed exactly like Paul Dellavigne here.
My dad reading a book with Spencer.