Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wartime Sugar

After three years playing guitar in my garage rock group, Zombie vs. Shark, we will release our first recording, Wartime Sugar. It's a 12-song L.P. we recorded with Trent Bell at his studio in Norman, Oklahoma called Bell Labs in January of this past year. The tunes are straight up garage punk. Trent did an awesome job engineering and mixing the album, as well as his easy demeanor to have us try some new approaches to our songs. It was very fun and we will do a 4-song, 7" vinyl single at his studio again sometime in the early summer.

You can purchase Wartime Sugar online in digital form by song or the whole album at Bandcamp on my link list to the right. You can also buy at physical copy of the CD from our label, Modern Peasant Records through the Bandcamp portal. It is $5.00 for the album with $2.00 in shipping. We may press a 12" vinyl edition sometime next summer in 180 gram colored vinyl, so stayed tuned!

Our friend Tara Malone's friend Aaron took these photos below from our gig with Debris' and John Wayne's Bitches at The Opolis in Norman on July 10, 2010. We will have our record release party on December 11, 2010 at The Opolis with those same bands. Hopefully we'll see everyone there!

Zombie vs. Shark, The Hi-Lo Club in April 2009.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Whole Day

This album by Roy Montgomery and Flying Saucer Attack, "Goodbye/and Goodbye/The Whole Day Song" has been a soundtrack for my life the last 3 years. Montgomery, a great New Zealand experimental psych guitar player, and Flying Saucer Attack created this amazing compositional and instrumental guitar album, a beautiful maelstrom of melody and guitar feedback some time ago. It is probably as significant, compositionally, as Igor Stravinksy's The Rite of Spring.

While I travel, I have my iPod loaded with Flying Saucer Attack tunes, since I miss Spencer, my kid, when I'm away. The Whole Day Song is etched in my mind with memories of the walks and explorations that Spencer and I take around Lincoln's badlands and railyards, finding weird stuff and the strange corners of the city. Its pretty, desolate sound evokes the barren western landscape of the Plains, and impresses our solitary treks on the edge of the urban fringe in my mind so I can recall them while I'm away from him. For us it is always the whole day.

This album is worth having in your record collection, one of the great compositions ever written for a traditional four-piece rock formation.