Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ponca City, Best Session Ever

Boneless to Tail, Ponca City Ditch, March 2005. Tabby and me visited Bradley Hayes and his parents when we returned to Oklahoma. We were looking for a house in Norman, and traveled up to see everyone in P.C. This is the best place to skate, to me, in all of Oklahoma. It's silly fun to skate there, it's always warm, and never crowded. The ditch sits at the north edge of town with wide open fields all the way to the Kansas border. It was a perfect day when we were there and it was spring surreal.

Bertleman Slide, Ponca City Ditch.
Me, Tabby, and Brad Hayes of Sharkbait Magazine/Sharklahoma.
Bertleman, Ponca City Ditch.

Ponca City Skate Ditch, Me, Tabby, Donna Hayes, and Cousin Jared.

Spencer, April 2008, after I returned from the Historians Against War Conference. My friend Charles from The Nation said the family needed to be outfitted properly! I came home with three shirts.

Spencer in his new chair.