Sunday, July 31, 2011

Doldrums Between Equinoxes

We spent the 4th of July week in Annapolis with Tabby's mom, and these are some of the highlights from the trip. My mom and brother also came out, and we took Spencer to the Baltimore and Ohio Train Museum with our friend Akim, and hung out in Hampden with him afterwards. It was great to be gone from our town during the 4th weekend, since the town allows people to blow off fireworks within the city limits, and a fog of sulphur usually clouds the entire place for 3 days.

At the B & O Train Museum in B-Town.

With my family in Annapolis.

Statue of Alex Haley.

Little boys enjoy tackling big girl cousins.

Spencer at my dad's house in the lush Oley Valley.

Tabby at Chez Pat.

Gnarl longboard butt-session.

After-pool monster session.

Dog vs. Basketball.

Wool before the heat wave of 2011.

The one week when the apple tree blossoms.