Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July, Or Infernal Days on the Southern Plains

Zombie vs. Shark at the Free Tulsa Music Festival 2012, at the Dust Bowl Lanes/Dilly Deli Stage. It was cool being back in Tulsa, since I hadn't been there in 3 years. Used to go there often when I lived in Stillwater. It was only 108 degrees when we played at 7pm. Kudos to Joey Powell, of Shitty/Awesome, for snapping the pics for us!
Robert, Jay, and Ron at the Tulsa Free Music Festival 2012.
Downtown Tulsa and the pre-scene for the Music Festival. The crowds crawled out around  sundown, as one often does in the summer in Oklahoma. Beers and water bottles abounded, since heat kills the weak...
We blew the power when we played, and had to flip the breakers, so we had a hiatus during our set.  We drank a lot of water and tuned up! 

There were little colored houses all around....

The Rude Amps rocked it, rude and amped!

This is Sonic Violence at the Free Tulsa Music Festival 2012, who ruled. If you like The Swirlies and MBV, you'll like them. 

This CHUD at the Free Tulsa Music Festival 2012, who are like Drive Like Jehu reincarnated. Do not miss them if they are in your town!!

Sassing at the practice space, Downtown Sound. Socialism rules, so start your own art/music collective and save it all from the maw of corporations.